The Adicts - 27 LP


This overlooked fifth studio album by long-running UK punk band The Adicts was originally released by Cleopatra Records in the USA in 1992 on CD only. Features some of their best songs that they still perform live to this day. For fans of Cock Sparrer, Die Toten Hosen, Vice Squad, and One Way System.

Puke N Vomit Records

Track Listing:

1. Angel
2. Love Sucks
3. Do It
4. That's Happiness
5. Shangri-La
6. Football Fairy Story
7. Rossini
8. Breakdown
9. Give Me More
10. Fuck It Up
11. G.I.R.L.
12. What Am I To Do
13. Rockers In Rags
14. Let's Dance
15. 7:27
16. Bog
17. Learn Guitar With Monkey & Kid
18. Give Me More (Reprise)