Holehog / B-Side - To Have and To Hold - Split 12”


Single sided 12”
“Sacramento’s punk darlings Holehog rips a fresh new record ‘To Have and to Hold’ - a raw, gritty sonic attack with politically-charged lyrics of disdain towards what is real and hollow in the American dream. Individualistic yet
humanistic, this release roars as energetically and furiously as the band’s known live performances.

Relentless basslines, and incessant guitar riffs combined with powerfully projected, perfectly pitched emotive vocals and high speed drums make this release one of the slickest, most essential DIY releases to accompany California’s current punk and hardcore circuit.

This release introduces B-Side, one of many projects written and recorded in a cave by Bryan Lothian of A Global Threat, from Boston. Technically proficient as always with attainable hardcore/punk best summarized in Bryan’s opening lyrics: “You be you and I’ll be me”

The artwork (and guest ”vocals”) by the legendary Winston Smith compliments this thought-provoking, noisy yet clean record that is bound to inspire raise fists, provoke socio-political dissent, and mayhem."
- Farida Mazlan, Destory Art Inc

Printed inner sleeves and 11x17 poster