Hard Wax / Savage Beat - Split 7" Purple


You know 2022 is going to be a good year when the lads of HARD WAX are re-entering the stage! Because despite the radio silence since 2019’s full-length album “This Is The Sound”, this British-Dutch outfit has been sitting anything but still and with plenty of more to come, the band’s two tracks on this scorching split EP give a tasty taste of the band’s future and I can’t wait!

But wait, that’s not it! Because on the flipside you’ll find another favorite of REBELLION RECORDS – and most likely of you as well – SAVAGE BEAT! There doesn’t seem to pass a year by without a release by Amsterdam’s most savage outfit out there and you know what? Let’s keep it that way! Because once again these lads are on top of their game with the all new “Rats And Sheep” and the Slaughter & The Dogs cover “Victims Of The Vampire”, always leaving you craving for more!

Purple Vinyl

Rebellion Records