Blisterhead - Bad Blood 7”


The last band standing from the 1990s streetpunk movement makes a move towards raw punk. Swedish punx Blisterhead are known for their melodic punkrock’n roll, often compared to the likes of Rancid and Dropkick Murphys, as demonstrated on their critically acclaimed last album ”The Stormy Sea”. Now they are back! Harder, more aggressive and rougher than ever before, the Swedes Punx present themselves on their new EP ''Bad Blood'' without neglecting those strong defined and melodic vocals & choruses that made Blisterhead a household name in the punkrock community. The apocalyptic front cover fits like a glove and gives the direction of the 4 songs already before the first listen. Black Vinyl

Laketown Records / Punkebjartes Punkeplater / Cimex Records 2023